Supporting Not-for-Profits

Virtual Youth Expo

Welcome to Volunteer Ottawa’s 2021 Virtual Youth Expo! As part of our Youth Program, Generation Give, we have created this expo to give you an opportunity to hear from some of our member organizations about how you can volunteer with them and why it’s a beneficial experience. You will also hear from a youth volunteer at each organization, telling you about their experience.

We hope the following videos will be helpful for you as a high school student looking to get involved.

To take part in the virtual expo start by watching our introduction video to learn why you should volunteer, the benefits and how volunteering is more than just a graduation requirement.

In addition to the videos, we have compiled numerous resource pages to help guide youth through the volunteering experience and getting your required hours.

Start your volunteering journey today!

Ausome Ottawa

Ausome Ottawa is a local organization building courage, connection and community for families living with autism through sport. They believe that no one should be excluded from participating in sports; and that every athlete with autism deserves a program that meets their needs.

Youth volunteers are essential to the success of Ausome programs and they would love for you to join them. Watch this video to learn more about Ausome and how to get involved. 

Christie Lake Kids

Christie Lake Kids (CLK) mission is to enrich the lives and prospects of economically disadvantaged children and youth by providing quality year-round skills-based programming. Since 1922, Christie Lake Kids has responded to the specific needs of economically disadvantaged children and youth between the ages of 6 and 17 from the Ottawa area. Hundreds of at-risk children and youth directly benefit from experiences in CLK programming each year both at their camp facility (located on Christie Lake near Perth, Ontario) and their year-round programming, which they offer in various low-income communities in Ottawa.

Watch this video to learn how you could become a youth volunteer with CLK.


Music: the power to changes lives! OrKidstra is an Ottawa-based charitable social development program that empowers kids from under-served communities by teaching life skills through singing and playing music together. The program began in 2007 with 27 children and the passionate belief in the transformative power of music; it has grown to include over 600 children, ages 5-18, from over 62 cultural and linguistic backgrounds and has become a world-class example of why music is called the universal language.

Learn more on how to get involved with OrKidstra as a youth volunteer, by watching this video.

Parent Resources Centre

Parent Resource Centre (PRC) focuses on children and the families who love them. They help children discover and develop physical, cognitive, emotional, and social skills that will enable them to live the best life possible, regardless of barriers they may face. AND, they provide parents and caregivers with the tools, supports and services they need to create safe and healthy environments for their children to thrive and grow.

Youth volunteers are essential to the work they do and they would be delighted for you to join them in making a difference in families’ lives. Watch this video to learn all about PRC and how you can get involved.

Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre

The Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre is a home for veteran and community residents where residents are encouraged to live life to the fullest and find joy in the everyday.

Youth volunteers are essential in helping improve the quality of care residents receive – they would love for you to join them and form intergenerational friendships of your own. Learn more about volunteering as a youth with Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre.