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To whom it may concern, I am a very enthusiastic, friendly, motivated, energetic teacher, who is prepared for any setting. I spent the past two years in consistent long-term occasional teaching positions and supporting respite with various adults, after two years of teaching overseas. My LTO positions have increased my awareness and ability to teach during Covid-19 Pandemic. I am looking forward to transferring my experiences teaching in a specialist Autism provision to my next employment. I believe I have been utilizing collaborative discussions and reflection in order to develop myself as creative and holistic thinker. As my resume highlights, I have years of experience working with children and adults with special needs and I am looking forward to continuing this passion. During my time as a Teacher Candidate, I had phenomenal teaching experiences outside of the traditional classroom. Throughout my practicums, I utilized my awareness of inclusivity through modifying lessons to increase the interest, enjoyment and learning for all. As a Teacher Candidate, I completed practicums in both Elementary and Secondary settings. I worked with a wide range of students from kindergarten to Grade 12, including teaching English as a Second Language to international students. These experiences have provided me with an incredible experience that has increased my confidence and added to my knowledge of working with all children, of various ages and abilities, including students identified with learning exceptionalities. I began my teaching career at Chiltern Way Academy, Prestwood Campus in the United Kingdom. This was a specialist provision for students with Autism and behavioural, social and emotional needs. In my position, I was able to develop myself as a professional by taking on a full English timetable, teaching a range of levels across the national curriculum. Notably, I taught Year 2 Phonics, Year 4 Punctuation skills, Year 9 Inferencing and Year 11 GCSE exam preparation, all in a secondary school setting. In addition to teaching dynamic classes with students working at different levels, I also learned to manage significant behavioural needs. The mission statement was to provide all students with the knowledge, resilience, and skills to enable them to have purposeful and lasting employment. I believe my experience in this diverse setting relates to my vision of student directed learning. Through this experience, I learned how to create and implement engaging differentiated lessons with varied abilities and needs. I utilized the Zones of Regulation in my practice to maintain a positive and inclusive atmosphere in my classroom environment. I am confident that the challenges I faced in this position have truly prepared me for any educational setting. My widespread experience in teaching prepares me to work in many different educational areas. As my experience shows, I have an interest and passion for working with individuals identified with exceptionalities to create an equitable, inclusive, and inviting classroom environment, as shown in the Ontario College of Teachers Standards of Practice. I am keen to continue developing myself as an educator through sharing my passions and building relationships with my students. My teaching skills have prepared me to work in various diverse setting and be successful working with all types of people.
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