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We are a Not For Profit Thrift Store that is staffed almost entirely by Volunteers. Our store convert donated goods into cash and the net revenue is given entirely to a charity (Bible League Canada) to fund mission across the world. We also work with local agencies to provide people in need in Orleans due to fire, homelessness or other crisis. We partner with organizations that help people in distress, new immigrants and refugees and help our community. Our work also help reduce landfill waste by promoting the practices of reduce, reuse and recycle. In 2016 an estimated 26,000,000 pounds of clothing were diverted from local landfills through thrift stores like ours. We recycle clothing, linens, scrap metal, old or broken electronics, glass, cardboard, plastic and try to re purpose as many items as possible. Buying second hand items extends the lives of thousands of products everyday and lowers the demand for new products. We also provide a free furniture pickup and delivery as well. Students can get work experience and community hours here, seniors can find fellowship and give back to the community. Volunteerism is a key mandate of our store as we work together to help others.
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1777 Tenth Line Rd. Unit C1
, Orleans
, ON
K1E 3X2
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