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Last updated: February 28, 2022

Volunteer Ottawa staff are working remotely while continuing to provide services to members. We want to hear from you about how we can help and any special requirements you may have. Do not hesitate to contact our Membership Service Department at [email protected].

We know that volunteer roles and not-for-profit needs are changing rapidly and that your ability to respond to volunteer applications may be limited. In view of this, we would we ask that you close any volunteer opportunities that you may have open on our website that are no longer available, while continuing to post any new volunteer needs as they arise.

Health and Safety:

As a precaution, in accordance with the Ontario Ministry of Health Guidelines, we recommend organizations take the following steps to prevent risk and safeguard volunteers and clients participating in program activities:

  • VO has posted health and safety protocols. Feel free to use this information and adapt for your own needs.

  • Ensure hand washing stations are available and accessible. Encourage staff, volunteers and visitors to thoroughly and regularly wash their hands and keep hands away from their face.
  • Remind volunteers of the most effective ways to stay healthy by posting or distributing informational posters.

  • Post signage and advise volunteers who are ill to stay home and postpone their volunteer activities.

  • Ottawa Public Health’s Novel Coronavirus web page provides information and updates to residents and contains answers to many frequently asked questions.


Volunteer Ottawa will be holding all of our courses online via Zoom or MS Teams for the foreseeable future. Participants can access training sessions using any web-enabled device such as a computer, tablet, or a smartphone. 


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