Board Leadership Fundamentals (Self Guided, for VO member organizations)


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  • Access to Board Leadership Fundamentals in English or French (L’essentiel du conseil d’administration) for each enrolled learner for one year.
  • Possibility of substituting one lesson of Board Leadership Fundamentals with one lesson of Board Leadership Insights.
  • As many individual enrolments as items you include in your purchase, for one year, since the time of enrolment.
    • Note: these enrolments are non-transferrable and each enrolment only grant access to one learner.
  • Learner enrolment and support by VO’s learning team.
  • On demand report on learner progress.
  • Customized certificate of completion for each learner upon successful completion of this online learning opportunity.
    • This certificate does not expire!

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Board Leadership Fundamentals (Self Guided, for VO member organizations)


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