Why Should I Volunteer?

People say volunteers make the world go around. And they are not wrong. Nearly half of all Canadians volunteer either on occasion or on a regular basis. Volunteers are often the go-betweens for not-for-profits and the communities they serve. Many services like mental health phone lines or food banks would not be able to function without them!

Why volunteer?

IMPACT ‚ÄstWhat do we do when we face a huge problem?¬†We do it together. In our own way.

Tackling large issues like climate change or racial injustice is overwhelming for one person to think about, let alone do anything about. Volunteering shows us that even small actions have an enormous impact.

CONNECT¬†‚ÄstWhat is happening in a city of over a million people?¬†A lot of things we do not know about!

Volunteering connects us with all kinds of people and communities and challenges us to show up for others outside of our immediate circles.

GROW¬†‚ÄstHow do we grow as people?¬†We do things that are scary or challenging.

Volunteering helps each of us grow. When we build up our self-confidence, learn to solve tough problems, take the lead and communicate well with others, we all win.

GIVE¬†‚ÄstHow do we lift each other up?¬†We pass it forward. We lend a helping hand.

We live in a world where it can be hard to just exist as you. Learning a new language, dealing with discrimination, as well as mental health issues and the everyday grind of school, work, and family is exhausting.

But when you have individuals who are there and ready to help, life gets easier. Giving back through volunteering is one way we can show up and care for each other and our communities.

Last Updated: November 5, 2021