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Is your organization looking to launch a CSR initiative or improve a current one?

VO Connect is here to help.

VO Connect is well-known to Ottawa’s business community as a group volunteering program, but it has evolved into something much greater. Today, we provide a full suite of community engagement services designed to empower organizations seeking to re-energize their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, foster employee engagement, and make a positive impact on our community.

The goal of VO Connect is to foster connections with Ottawa’s charitable sector. Our team helps you set your community engagement objectives and then works alongside you to achieve them. We activate the goodwill and generosity of your company and its employees, organizing and facilitating a wide range of activities so you can focus on what truly matters – making a positive impact on your community.

We have the connections you need! Whether you want an annual volunteering event for all employees, multiple activities for smaller groups throughout the year, or professional development opportunities grounded in the principles of social good, we’ve got you covered. We can match organizations with over 300 local non-profit and charity partners to achieve their CSR goals.

To learn more about VO Connect, contact us at [email protected], or fill out our inquiry form and a VO team member will contact you directly. Together, we’ll make making a difference a breeze!

Volunteer Day Services

  • Selection of volunteer opportunities that match your team’s availability and preferences, and liaising between you and the host organization(s)
  • Dedicated webpage for employees to learn about the event and register for activities
  • Pre-event orientation session on volunteering in the Ottawa region
  • Customized event day information packages for distribution to employees
  • VO Staff participation on Volunteer Day to support volunteers
  • Day-of training and information sessions
  • Social media tools to promote and celebrate your event, with amplification on VO’s channels
  • Tools to analyze, report, and promote the positive impact of your ESV initiative
  • Sourcing and delivery of supplies (activity materials, equipment, gloves, etc.)

Additional VO Connect Services

  • Lunch & Learns featuring local charities describing their role in the community
  • Employee Retreat Planning focused on “social good” initiatives
  • Custom Workshops on topics such as volunteering, non-profit leadership, and EDI
  • Online self-guided training in Community and Board Leadership
  • Social Good Strategy Consulting (Including foundational CSR, SRI, and ESG principles)

You Tell Us!

Tell us what your organization needs to meet its community engagement goals, and we’ll work together to see it actualized.

What does collaborating with VO Connect on community engagement initiatives look like?

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