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Organization types: Community and Social Services, Disabilities
Ongoing (more than a year)
Application Deadline: December 31, 2022
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I started BrainSTRONG last year, I don’t have a treasurer simply because I’m not big (yet). Next year I’ll be starting things that might generate funds, that will need to be accounted for (properly) and I want to be sure that it’s started correctly. What I’d love is for someone to simply help me to know how to use Quickbooks properly, maybe help with how it’s set up, and basically be a resource that I can periodically reach out to for a question.

How will this opportunity benefit the volunteer?
I've got big plans for BrainSTRONG, starting next year, and it will grow. I'm alone, meaning that it's small (for now) but in time it'll be much larger. With what I'm planning, helping will be substantial in the "feel good" side of things, because with how the finances are (ie zero cash) I can't afford to pay someone.
How will the organization benefit?
What BrainSTRONG is about is the helping of charities who support people who've received an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI). Your help will be invaluable in keeping it going, which will benefit inviduals who aren't capable of living on their own.
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45 Gertie St. 430 Hazeldean Rd Unit #6 430 Ha 430 Hazeldean Rd Unit #6 zeldean Rd Unit #6


Robert Wein
@BrainStrong Network of Canada
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Good for people interested in: Accounting and Finance

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