Board Members: Treasurer, Communications, HR-Volunteer, Fundraising
Volunteer Types: Accounting and Finance, Administration/Office, Board Leadership, Communications and Marketing, Fundraising, Governance (Boards, Committees)
Organization types: Community and Social Services, Poverty/Social Justice
Ongoing (more than a year)
Application Deadline: December 15, 2023
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Food for Thought is seeking to revitalize its Board under the esteemed leadership of Joe Thottungal as Chair and Sylvain de Margerie, the outgoing Chair.

At Food for Thought we cook. Our mission is to reduce food insecurity by providing meals, especially to those for whom preparing a meal is a challenge, whether due to disability, age or circumstances.

Board members are integral to the proactive guidance of Food for Thought within their designated areas of responsibility. This requires a steadfast commitment to participating in quarterly meetings, spearheading committees as needed, and providing mentorship and assessments for the dedicated staff or volunteers responsible for executing specific functions.

Our Board has long embraced diversity as a cornerstone. While upholding the paramount importance of competence and expertise in relevant domains, we recognize the significance of diversity in gender, race, and culture, encompassing national origin, religion, languages, and social class, as a key influencer in our decision-making processes.

We are currently seeking individuals with the requisite experience and qualifications for the following board positions:

Treasurer: Ideally, an individual with CPA credentials and proven leadership in overseeing bookkeeping and audit processes.

HR (including volunteers): Candidates should bring a wealth of experience in recruitment and people management, with a preference for those who have served or are currently serving in HR roles.

Fundraising: This role involves overseeing grants, events, and all facets of sustainable financial support. Experience in fundraising is preferred, with additional value placed on a strong standing and connections within the charity sector.

Communications: Seeking an individual proficient in media relations, social media management, internet presence, newsletters, and other outreach strategies. Ideal candidates will possess a practical understanding of effective communication, with measurable success metrics.

If you are well-qualified for any of these positions and are passionate about making a meaningful impact on Food Security in the city of Ottawa, we invite you to submit your CV. Your expertise could be the driving force that helps us achieve our mission.

Exceptionally, one person may play more than one role.

How will this opportunity benefit the volunteer?
By joining our Board of Directors, you will be stepping into a realm of unparalleled opportunities. Under the mentorship of Joe Thottungal, a luminary figure renowned as a top chef, business personality, and philanthropist in Ottawa, you'll gain invaluable insights and experience. This is more than a role; it's a chance to shape the destiny of an organization committed to eradicating Food Insecurity in our city. Your contribution will be instrumental in forging the future, not just for the organization, but for the countless individuals whose lives will be positively impacted by our collective efforts. Embrace this opportunity to be a catalyst for change, leaving a lasting legacy in the realm of food security in our community. As a member of our board, you're not just a volunteer; you're a pivotal force driving meaningful transformation.
How will the organization benefit?
Leadership stands as the linchpin for success in any organization, a vital force propelling transformative change in our global landscape. Food for Thought emerged as a response to the urgent demands brought about by the COVID crisis, orchestrating a rapid and impactful delivery of nearly one million meals during this critical period. As we traversed this journey, we sowed the seeds of sustainable solutions to address the escalating food security challenges that keep worsening despite various government programs. Our philosophy centers on the belief that offering nourishing meals and engaging the entire community in the process are fundamental components of the remedy. In our pursuit of a lasting impact, we recognize the significance of cultivating these seeds to fruition. We are actively seeking individuals with a green thumb – metaphorically speaking – individuals who can serve as gardeners in nurturing the growth of our initiatives. Your contribution can be the catalyst that transforms these seeds of change into a thriving harvest, alleviating food security concerns for years to come. Join us in cultivating a healthier, more sustainable future for all.
Volunteer location:
12-855 Industrial Ave. K1G 4L4


Sylvain de Margerie
@Food for Thought net-café
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This position would be great for: Adults
Number of Positions Available: 4
Good for people interested in: Accounting and Finance, Administration/Office, Board Leadership, Communications and Marketing, Fundraising, Governance (Boards, Committees)
You will be helping with: Disadvantaged

Volunteer Considerations

  • This position can accommodate persons with a disability
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