Client Selection Volunteer -Helping with Furniture
Volunteer Types: Counselling, Emergency Services, Human rights, Legal/Advocacy, Mental Health
Organization types: Community and Social Services, Human Rights and Civil Liberties, Poverty/Social Justice
Ongoing (more than a year)
Application Deadline: January 1, 2025
Posted on:

HWF “clients” (individuals or families in need of furniture) are referred to us by social agencies in the Ottawa area. The role of the Cline Selection Volunteer is to select the clients who will be coming to the warehouse to get their furniture.

This is a function that is best done from a private place like home and which requires availability and
flexibility in scheduling your time. We are looking for a resourceful, persistent, sensitive person for the
position. You must be prepared to communicate with vulnerable clients and be able to converse in a
manner to allow you to assess the client needs and be able to make decisions based on the information
Tasks to be performed:
• Identifying, from the intake list, clients to be contacted, based on a set of priority criteria
including the urgency of their needs, the size of family, the existence or not of support in
Ottawa, and their location;
• contacting clients by phone, video chat, and/or text messages to assess their current situation and furniture needs;
• potentially following-up with clients more than once to reach them;
• Reaching out to social workers in order to locate a client if needed;
• Selecting clients to be served, taking into account criteria described above;
Training and mentoring is provided.
To complete all these steps, you must be able to give between 3 to 5 hours over a few days.
This position is on a weekly rotation; therefore, a schedule will be set and you will be asked to work on a certain week.

To succeed in this position, you need:
-To be able to converse in English and French, all other languages are an asset
-Good communication skills
-Access to a phone
-Access to a computer or laptop
-Familiarity with the Google Suite software, especially Google Sheets and Google Drive
-Good computer skills
-Attention to detail
-Excellent interpersonal skills
-Excellent organizational skills and time management skills
-Ability to work in a team
-Willingness to learn about the organization and its operations
– Flexibility and be available to be contacted back by clients who return calls and text

How will this opportunity benefit the volunteer?
This is a very rewarding and key position within HWF. Not only does it open the door to discovering extraordinary people, whose realities are not always visible to most of us, but decisions made at this strategic level trickle down the organization and have an impact on all other activities of HWF. Provides a valuable experience in understanding the very diverse needs of the community. Develop organizational skills, managing skills, learn to delegate, develop interviewing skills, make an impact in the community, meet a diverse population.
How will the organization benefit?
This is a critical role for the organization as the rest of the work done by volunteer starts from the client selection team.
Volunteer location:


Diane Vena
@Helping With Furniture
Time it will take to contact applicants:


This position would be great for: Adults, Seniors (65+)
Number of Positions Available: 10
Good for people interested in: Counselling, Emergency Services, Human rights, Legal/Advocacy, Mental Health
You will be helping with: Disadvantaged, Homeless, Persons new to Canada, Persons with disabilities or medical conditions

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