Community Partnership Coordinator
Volunteer Types: Administration/Office, Board Leadership, Governance (Boards, Committees)
Organization types: Children, Youth and Family, Community and Social Services
Short term (less than 6 months)
Application Deadline: June 30, 2024
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Background: Community Partnership Coordinator

As a dedicated Community Partnership Coordinator, you will be the vital link between our organization and the diverse communities we serve. Your primary role is to create partnerships with at least five communities and organizations that would like to work with youth organizations like YECO.

Key Responsibilities:

Partnership Development: You will identify, facilitate, and maintain partnerships with community organizations, local businesses, educational institutions, and other stakeholders to promote our programs and initiatives.

Community Outreach: Plan and execute outreach strategies to engage diverse community groups, ensuring their active participation and representation in our projects and events.

Event Coordination: Organize and manage community events, workshops, and forums, facilitating dialogue, education, and action against discrimination and racism.

Program Evaluation: Monitor and evaluate the impact of community partnership initiatives, using feedback and data to improve and adapt our strategies.

Experience: Proven experience in community engagement, partnership development, or related fields, preferably within a nonprofit or advocacy organization.

Communication Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to build rapport and effectively convey our mission and goals to diverse audiences.

Organizational Skills: Strong organizational and project management skills, with the ability to juggle multiple tasks and meet deadlines.

Cultural Competency: Deep understanding of and sensitivity to diverse communities’ cultural, social, and economic issues.

Passion for Social Justice: A committed advocate for social justice, equity, and inclusion.

How will this opportunity benefit the volunteer?
Volunteering as a Community Partnership Coordinator offers numerous personal and professional benefits: Skill Development: Gain valuable skills in community engagement, project management, communication, and partnership development. These are transferable skills that can enhance your resume and career prospects. Networking Opportunities: Build a strong network with community leaders, organizations, and stakeholders. This can open doors to new opportunities and collaborations in the future. Leadership Experience: Develop and hone leadership skills by coordinating events, managing projects, and leading initiatives. This experience can prepare you for future leadership roles in various sectors. Impactful Work: Contribute to meaningful work that combats anti-Semitism, discrimination, and racism. Knowing that your efforts make a tangible difference in the community can be incredibly fulfilling and motivating. Personal Growth: Enhance your cultural competency and understanding of social justice issues. This role offers a chance to grow personally and become more empathetic and informed about the challenges faced by diverse communities. Recognition and References: Receive recognition for your contributions and obtain strong references from the organization's leadership. This can be valuable for future job applications or academic pursuits. Professional Development: Access to the organization's training sessions, workshops, and seminars. This continuous learning can be beneficial for both your personal and professional growth. Satisfaction and Fulfillment: Experience the satisfaction of contributing to positive social change and helping to create a more inclusive and equitable society. This intrinsic reward can be incredibly enriching and affirming.
How will the organization benefit?
Enhanced Community Engagement: The Community Partnership Coordinator will facilitate stronger relationships with community groups and stakeholders, strengthening the organization's presence and reputation. Increased Outreach: With a dedicated coordinator, the organization can expand its outreach efforts, reaching more diverse groups and ensuring wider participation in its programs and initiatives. Improved Event Management: The coordinator will bring expertise in organizing and managing community events, ensuring they run smoothly and effectively, increasing their impact and success. Effective Communication: Having a central point of contact for community partners ensures clear, consistent, and effective communication, which helps build trust and maintain strong relationships. Program Impact Evaluation: The coordinator can monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of community partnership initiatives, providing valuable feedback and data to improve and adapt strategies for better outcomes. Cultural Competency: By bringing a deep understanding of diverse communities, the coordinator can ensure the organization's programs are culturally sensitive and effectively address the specific needs of different groups. Greater Visibility: Through coordinated outreach and events, the organization can increase its visibility and recognition in the community, attracting more support and involvement from local stakeholders.
Volunteer location:
115 Ritchie St Unit #9, Ottawa, ON K2B 6E8


Both Gakah
@YECO Canada - (Youth Engagement and Community Outreach)
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This position would be great for: Adults, Young Adults (19-24)
Number of Positions Available: 1
Good for people interested in: Administration/Office, Board Leadership, Governance (Boards, Committees)
You will be helping with: Persons new to Canada, Visible minorities or racialized persons, Youth (16-18 years), Youth (19-24 years)

Volunteer Considerations

  • This position can accommodate persons with a disability
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