Driver for Summer Camp
Volunteer Types: Others, Transportation of people
Organization types: Children, Youth and Family, Community and Social Services
Short term (less than 6 months)
Application Deadline: June 30, 2023
Posted on:

7-passenger van (1 driver, 6 camp kids). We are looking for a driver (over age 25).

Camps will run for 5 weeks as follows:

Week 1: July 3 – 7
Week 2: July 10 – 14
Week 3: July 17 – 21
Week 4: July 24 – 28
Week 5: July 31 – Aug 4

Camp Drop off: 8:30 – 8:45AM (camp starts at 9AM sharp)
Camp Pick up: 4:00 – 4:30PM

We need to provide a driver for 5 weeks, mornings and evenings, and the vehicle will stay where it’s easiest for the driver. So, we think that’s probably at the Centre. All children will meet at the Centre and go to the campsite (5 minutes from downtown), returning to the Centre when they have finished.

How will this opportunity benefit the volunteer?
Personal Fulfillment: Being a driver for a summer camp allows you to contribute to the well-being and enjoyment of the campers. Knowing that you played a part in creating a positive and memorable experience for them can be incredibly rewarding. Building Relationships: As a driver, you have the opportunity to interact with campers, staff, and other volunteers on a regular basis. This can lead to forming meaningful connections and building new friendships within the camp community. Skill Development: Driving for a summer camp requires responsibility, organization, and attention to detail. By taking on this role, you can enhance your driving skills, time management abilities, and problem-solving capabilities. Networking: Volunteering at a summer camp exposes you to a diverse group of people, including camp staff, fellow volunteers, and potentially guest speakers or visitors. This expands your network and opens doors to new opportunities and connections. Teamwork and Collaboration: Working as a driver for a summer camp involves coordination and collaboration with other staff members and volunteers. It offers a chance to strengthen your teamwork skills, communication, and the ability to work effectively in a group setting. Personal Growth: Volunteering in any capacity tends to promote personal growth and self-reflection. Being a driver for a summer camp allows you to step outside your comfort zone, learn from new experiences, and develop a greater sense of empathy and understanding. Resume and Skill Set Enhancement: Volunteering as a driver for a summer camp showcases qualities such as reliability, responsibility, and trustworthiness. These attributes can be valuable additions to your resume and demonstrate your commitment to community involvement and service. Cultural Exchange: Summer camps often attract campers from diverse backgrounds and cultures. By volunteering as a driver, you have the chance to engage with and learn from people with different perspectives, fostering cultural exchange and broadening your horizons. Overall, volunteering as a driver for a summer camp offers numerous personal, social, and skill-related benefits, making it a worthwhile and enriching experience for the volunteer.
How will the organization benefit?
Having volunteer drivers for our summer camp benefits our organization in several ways: Cost Savings: By utilizing volunteer drivers, we can save on transportation costs, allocating those resources to other areas of our camp's operations. Expanded Capacity: Volunteer drivers increase our organization's capacity to transport campers to various locations, allowing us to offer a wider range of activities and experiences. Enhanced Safety: With volunteer drivers, we can ensure a higher level of safety during transportation, as they are invested in the well-being of our campers and prioritize following traffic rules. Flexibility and Reliability: Having a pool of volunteer drivers provides us with flexibility in scheduling transportation, accommodating last-minute changes and ensuring smooth camp activities. Community Engagement: Engaging volunteers as drivers strengthens our connection with the local community, and satisfied volunteers can become advocates, attracting more support and participation. Extended Reach: Volunteer drivers may have their own networks, helping us expand our reach and impact by sharing their positive experiences with others. Increased Staff Support: By having volunteer drivers, we can free up our staff members who would otherwise handle transportation, allowing them to focus on other essential aspects of running the summer camp. Overall, having volunteer drivers for our summer camp provides cost savings, enhances safety, increases capacity and flexibility, fosters community engagement, extends our reach, and supports our staff members. Volunteers contribute valuable resources, enabling us to provide a better experience for our campers and achieve our mission more effectively.
Volunteer location:
815 St. Laurent Blvd


Edanour Songur
@Rideau-Rockcliffe Community Resource Centre
Ext: 121
Time it will take to contact applicants:


This position would be great for: Adults
Number of Positions Available: 1
Good for people interested in: Others, Transportation of people
You will be helping with: Children (0-10 years), Disadvantaged

Volunteer Considerations

  • Police record check required
  • Vulnerable sector check required
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