High-School and University students: Youth Program at Science Bridges
Volunteer Types: Communications and Marketing, Special events and festivals
Organization types: Education, Special Interests
Short term (less than 6 months)
Application Deadline: May 31, 2024
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Hey, Young Scientists! Are you ready to explore, discover, and make an impact?

Welcome to Science Bridges Youth Program—your portal to a world where your passion for science, whether it’s in atoms or economies, organisms or societies, becomes a journey of endless possibilities. This is where you, the curious, the innovative, and the bold, come to find your path, connect with peers, and shape the future.
Our Mission: Science for Every Young Mind
At ScienceBridges.org, we believe in the power of youth to transform the world through science. Our Youth Program is designed to inspire and support high school students across Ontario by providing access to a wide range of scientific fields, including both natural and social sciences. We’re here to help you:

Discover Your Passion: Explore the vast landscapes of science through resources, articles, and interactive content tailored to young minds.
Connect and Collaborate: Join a community of like-minded youth, where you can share ideas, work on projects, and build friendships that could last a lifetime.
Gain Real-World Experience: Find opportunities that align with your interests, from science fairs and workshops to internships and volunteer positions in various scientific fields.
Prepare for Your Future: Access guidance and resources to help you navigate your educational journey and career path in science.

How will this opportunity benefit the volunteer?
What We Offer 1. A Gateway to Exploration: Dive into topics ranging from quantum physics to cultural anthropology, environmental science to political theory, and everything in between. 2. Resources at Your Fingertips: From study aids to project guides, career advice to personal development workshops, our resources are designed to support your growth and curiosity. 3. A Community of Support: Engage with a network of peers, mentors, and professionals who are as passionate about science as you are. Participate in forums, join virtual meetups, and connect with experts in your field of interest. In Ontario, high school students must complete 40 hours of volunteering in order to graduate, but volunteering is also an amazing way to make a difference, learn new skills, gain experience, and meet new people!
How will the organization benefit?
Are you a high school student in Ottawa with a thirst for knowledge and a desire to make a difference? The Science Bridges Youth Program is your stepping stone to a future filled with discovery, innovation, and impact. No matter your scientific interest, there’s a place for you here to grow, learn, and become the scientist you dream to be. Explore. Discover. Connect. Start your journey with us today and see where science can take you. Welcome to the Science Bridges Youth Program—where your potential knows no bounds.
Volunteer location:
Ottawa and Ontario


@Science Bridges
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This position would be great for: Adults, High School Students (14-18), Young Adults (19-24)
Number of Positions Available: 5
Good for people interested in: Communications and Marketing, Special events and festivals
You will be helping with: Youth (16-18 years), Youth (19-24 years)

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