IT support and Google Suite Administrator Board Member - Helping with Furniture
Volunteer Types: Governance (Boards, Committees), Information Technology
Organization types: Community and Social Services
Long term (6 months to a year)
Application Deadline: February 16, 2024
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Are you interested in being a board member of a dynamic team? If so, this opportunity is for you!

As a Google Suite Administrator, your primary responsibility is to manage and optimize the use of Google’s collaborative software tools within an organization. This includes but is not limited to Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and other applications within the Google Workspace. Your role involves configuring and maintaining user accounts, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration among team members, and providing technical support for Google Suite applications.

Key Responsibilities:
User Account Management: Create, modify, and deactivate user accounts, ensuring proper access levels and permissions for different roles within the organization.

Configuration and Integration: Customize Google Suite settings to align with organizational needs, integrate third-party applications when necessary, and ensure a smooth workflow.

Technical Support: Provide assistance to users experiencing issues with Google Suite applications, troubleshoot problems, and collaborate with IT teams to resolve complex technical issues.

Security and Compliance: Implement and enforce security measures to protect sensitive data, and ensure compliance with data protection regulations. Monitor and manage security settings for Google Suite.

Software Updates and Upgrades: Stay informed about the latest updates and features of Google Suite, and coordinate the implementation of software upgrades to enhance functionality and security.

Analytics and Reporting: Generate reports on the usage of Google Suite applications, identify trends, and provide insights to improve efficiency and productivity.

How will this opportunity benefit the volunteer?
As a Google Suite Administrator, you play a crucial role in optimizing collaboration and productivity within the organization by effectively managing and supporting Google Suite applications. You would be a member of the Board of Directors providing imput and offering advice and guidance for IT related items.
How will the organization benefit?
A Google Suite Administrator contributes to the smooth operation of an organization by maximizing the potential of Google's collaborative tools, addressing technical issues promptly, ensuring data security, providing training and support, and keeping the organization up-to-date with the latest features and improvements. This ultimately leads to increased productivity, effective communication, and a streamlined digital work environment.
Volunteer location:
Michael Street, Ottawa


Diane Vena
@Helping With Furniture
Time it will take to contact applicants:


This position would be great for: Adults
Number of Positions Available: 1
Good for people interested in: Governance (Boards, Committees), Information Technology
You will be helping with: Disadvantaged, Persons new to Canada, Persons with disabilities or medical conditions, Seniors, Visible minorities or racialized persons, Women

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