OttawaReads Employer Supported Early Literacy Program
Volunteer Types: Mentoring, Teaching/Tutoring
Organization types: Education
Long term (6 months to a year)
Application Deadline: June 30, 2023
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Please note that all volunteer positions are September to June each year. We do not have summer volunteer positions available.

What is your company doing to promote literacy? NOTE: This is a group volunteer opportunity–you need to lead a team of volunteer readers from your organization.

If you want to volunteer as an individual please register as OVIE volunteer If you have a team of readers for OttawaReads please proceed to register for this position. The Ottawa Network for Education s OttawaReads program is a unique school/business partnership that draws volunteers from the corporate and public sectors to read one-on-one with children in Kindergarten to Grade 3 classes in Ottawa schools. After attending an orientation/training session in their place of work, volunteers fulfill a weekly or bi-weekly one-hour commitment to read to students in local schools. Each participating organization is partnered with a school in their own geographic location. The number of volunteers requested from each organization is based upon the size of the company and the requirements of the partnering school. We currently have several schools on the waitlist for new OttawaReads partners. Can you help? Be a team leader in your place of work!

How will this opportunity benefit the volunteer?
Benefits to Employer-Supported Volunteers Knowledge of making a difference in a child s life Closer connection to local community Pride in company s corporate public image Improved well-being and stress reduction Benefits to Employers Improved relationships with community groups, the public, employees and other stakeholders Improved employee morale, productivity and loyalty Enhanced reputation and improved corporate public image Knowledge of helping to build healthier communities Potential economic benefits
How will the organization benefit?
Benefits to Students Regular one-to-one relationship with a reading/literacy buddy who can demonstrate and facilitate successful learning outcomes Improved literacy skills Enhanced self-esteem Early building of strong language foundation. Benefits to Community Additional people power to deliver needed community services New skill sets learned from employee volunteers Team building, leadership development Increased opportunities for financial support Raising profile of organization and its cause in the business community
Volunteer location:
Various schools


Adriana Johnston
@Ottawa Network for Education - Ottawa Volunteers in Education
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This position would be great for: Groups
Number of Positions Available: 50
Good for people interested in: Mentoring, Teaching/Tutoring
You will be helping with: Children (0-10 years)

Volunteer Considerations

  • Vulnerable sector check required
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