Pathways to Education Tutor
Volunteer Types: Teaching/Tutoring
Organization types: Children, Youth and Family, Community and Social Services, Education, Health and Diseases, LGBTQIA2+, Poverty/Social Justice, Public/Society Benefit, Senior Citizens, Women
Long term (6 months to a year)
Application Deadline: December 31, 2022
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Pathways to Education at Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre is looking for tutors to support high school students in a variety of topics on Tuesdays and Thursdays (4- 7 pm) in-person.
The Pathways to Education program supports students living in Pinecrest-Queensway communities to graduate from high school. Our program works closely with local schools, community agencies and volunteers to provide supports to high school students to help them on their journey towards graduating high school and attending a post-secondary institution or finding meaningful work.

How will this opportunity benefit the volunteer?
Volunteers will have an opportunity to make a difference in a youth's life. They will help them graduate from high school and potentially go on to post-secondary education or the workforce. This is also an opportunity to become a positive role model and provide mentorship.
How will the organization benefit?
Our mission is to meet the diverse needs of the community we serve. We work in partnership with individuals, families and communities to achieve their full potential, paying particular attention to those facing barriers to access, including those who are most vulnerable and at risk. Education play a significant role in mental, emotional, and physical health. An education can guarantee greater employment opportunities which in turn will help pay for the necessities of life. Tutors make such a difference because they are ensuring that our youth have more opportunities. That our youth can potentially lift themselves out of poverty and support their families. Tutors are also helping creating future leaders and advocates.
Volunteer location:
1365 Richmond Road, Ottawa, ON K2B 6R7


Sarah Fraser-Smith
@Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre
Time it will take to contact applicants:


This position would be great for: Adults, Person with a disability or medical condition, Seniors (65+), Young Adults (19-24)
Number of Positions Available: 8
Good for people interested in: Teaching/Tutoring
You will be helping with: Youth (16-18 years)

Volunteer Considerations

  • Vulnerable sector check required
  • Public transportation available
  • This position can accommodate persons with a disability
  • Share this volunteer opportunity